Manchester, Connecticut

Online Application

How to Apply for a Position Using the Online Application

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS, IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY APPLY USING THE ONLINE APPLICATION YOU MUST USE YOUR VALID SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Social security numbers must be entered using hyphens and cannot be invalid (for example, 000-00-0000 or 123-45-6789). Unless you submit your application using your valid social security number, your application will not be correctly accepted. If you do not wish to disclose your social security number, please visit our website for other means of applying. Please note that a resume, attached to your application, is required.

After clicking the link below, follow these steps to use the online application.

  1. Click "Employment Opportunities" on the right.
  2. If this is the first time you have ever applied for a position with the Town of Manchester (either with a paper application or online), click "Apply" for the position you are interested in. On the pop-up Applicant login screen that appears, click "Create a new account". Enter the required information and click "Create Account". Keep your pin number for future use and complete the application in full.
  3. If you have previously applied for positions with the Town of Manchester, even if you did not use the online application, you will be prompted to log in as a returning applicant when you click the "Apply" link for the position of interest. Please note that if your name or address has changed you will need to log in using the information you entered on your original application. You may also log in at the top of the Employment Opportunities page by clicking "Log in as returning applicant". If you log in this way you will be directed to the Applicant Profile page, where you can update information about yourself. Once logged in, you will be able to complete the application in full.

Thank you again for your interest in employment opportunities with the Town of Manchester. If you have any questions about this online application or have problems logging in as a returning applicant, please contact the Human Resources Department at (860) 647-3126.

Click here to apply using the online application.